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Good morning,

In view of the increasingly frequent requests to purchase FSE virtual money and assets in exchange for real money, from MyrAir Financing I make the following clarification, which will also be posted on my website:

From MyrAir Financing this type of transaction will NEVER be accepted for, among others, the following reasons (not specified in order of importance)

  • Because said purchase requests are totally contrary to the rules of use and regulation of FSEconomy
  • Because likewise, these requests go against my way of thinking and belief about what it means to play a game.
  • Because I think that these practices are ultimately detrimental to the playability of all the others.

For these reasons, and others that I do not see it necessary to list but that are not less important for this reason, I reiterate that MyrAir Financing will NEVER agree to this type of deal, for which I pray that from now on and in the future, the people who like to do them, refrain from requesting them, because they will be systematically denied.

I fervently advise that the 100 CAD or the 60 Eur that they have offered me for 10M in cash, or the 60 pounds for the purchase of an FBO, or different similar requests that you have made to me, you better use them to go out for a few beers or to invite your partners, children or friends to the movies than spend them on this.

This is a game and you should never mix this type of thing with real money.

I know that it is a practice that, although prohibited in all these types of games it is inevitable that it exists, especially due to the human condition that some of us have, but it will not be with me and my hand that will prosper in FSEconomy.