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MyrAir is pleased to offer very competitive rates on the loans we make for the purchase of your desired aircraft. However, we are aware of the difficulty that people new to FSE have in accessing any of these aircraft and will consider any request you make. To do so, we recommend that you use our contact form and let us know your needs so that we can study your specific case.

These costs are for the account of the applicant of the loan and the same will be reflected in the calculation of his monthly quota according to the months chosen for the total payment of the loan.

We are aware that this is a game, and real life sometimes prevents us from doing what is expected. In this case we strongly recommend that you contact us before the payment date to study your case and propose a possible solution and even a new refinancing but it is your responsibility to do so in time.

This does not apply if you do not contact us before the payment date. In the latter case, we will apply the terms and conditions you accepted when you applied for the loan without further communication from us.

If your property has been removed for non-payment, and put up for sale and already sold, I am sorry to say that there is no possible solution on our part to recover it.

you cannot sell any of these properties but if it is your wish, we can do it for you. To do so, you must contact us and indicate your intentions. Once the possible sale has been made, we will discount the amount pending payment and the rest will be sent to your account.

In any case, while the operation is being carried out, you remain responsible for everything related to the maintenance of the aircraft or FBO, as well as the timely payment of the fees while the asset is on sale.

If you do not see that your question has already been answered in this FAQ or in the Terms and Conditions, you can contact here: