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We inform you that is not obliged to comply with the RGPD privacy law.
The reasons are explained below:



  • We have several contact forms but none of these forms ask for personal data.
    We will only contact other external pages, in this case by direct message on Discord or by direct message through the website
  • The data processing is carried out by a person acting for purposes unrelated to his or her commercial, business or professional activities. We do not sell products or belong to any company. This website is a fictitious group of a virtual game called FSECONOMY. All transactions are virtual and fictitious and there are no economic interests or real economic transactions.
  • We do not have advertising or subscription newsletters. We do not get any lucrative economic means with this website.
  • The user agrees to send the data indicated in the forms. In case you are not satisfied with these instructions, close this web page and do not enter.
  • To contact us you have to be of legal age, according to the stipulations in your country. Otherwise, do not contact us.